Family Law Overview

Family law covers a broad spectrum of areas, ranging from drafting a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage to resolving complex property settlement and child custody issues stemming from divorce. There are a lot of Pennsylvania family law attorneys serving residents of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania . Finding one that is right for you requires knowing what outcome you want for your future.

Important qualities of a Family Lawyer

Many people looking for a Pennsylvania family law attorney do not really know what they should be looking for in their lawyer. You must be sure that your attorney is someone that you can get along with and whose personality blends with yours. If you do not like your lawyer, it will not matter how good he or she may be. You will not be able to get things accomplished without becoming aggravated throughout the process. Your situation is stressful enough; you do not need a family law attorney with a bad attitude.

Child Custody

At Kurland Law, we understand how important your children are to you. Our attorneys are sensitive to protecting your children's rights throughout the divorce process. We know what family law judges expect and we have experience working with the independent professionals that are often brought into custody negotiations. We are sensitive, discreet and non-judgmental when it comes to the numerous issues relating to children and divorce.